Historical items of ODX

There are a lot of famous temples in Oudomxay, for instance, Phachaosingkham Buddha temple in Meuang La, Suntiphab temple in Ban Jeng and other temples nearby. The symbol of Oudomxay is Phouthat stupa - a beautiful viewpoint, a place where you can see every corner of the town - a sunset point for visitors. When you visit the said stupa means you each Oudomxay province.

Oudomxay museum is one place you should visit when you are in Meuang Xay. A place where you will know more about Oudomxay Province. You'll find out more about Oudomxay history, tribes, historical items, and other things that you satisfy you expectation.

Oudomxay is famous for Thai Lue cotton production - processing. The most popular village is Ban Nyor, Meuang Beng District, Oudomxay Province. There are pottery production, textile weaving, cotton processing, basketry, and other handicraft products. The Productivity and Marketing Center  (PMC) is a center that collects and provides all the handicraft products in Oudomxay. A place where you will never miss for those who loves hand made products.

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