Tuesday, 7 March 2017

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There are many interested caves in Oudomxay , such as Chom Ong Cave in Meuang Xay, Khamtan Buddha cave in Pakbeng district, Kun Vang Cave in Beng District, Luang cave in Meuang La and other caves around Oudomxay. Some are already explored and some not. One of the most interesting and Beautiful cave is Chom Ong. A cave that you should visit when you are in Oudomxay. Chom Ong cave is one of the Longest caves in Laos.

Many wonderful waterfalls in Oudomxay. Some are already explored and some not. The most beautiful waterfalls are Talea waterfall, Nam Haeng waterfall, Nam Kat waterfall and others. 

We offer you different tour programs to explore and experience Oudomxay tourism destinations which combine and consist of cultural, natural and historical attractions. Places where you can learn multi - tribal culture and village livelihood. One of the most exciting package is the cave tour, followed by local handicraft production, trekking through the forest and other tourist activities. English speaking guide and local guide are always with you on the tour. You will meet friendly people in the village. More information please contact us at Oudomxay Tourism Information Center.
 Eco - Tourism is an important part of tourism activities in Ouomxay, it has been running from many years ago and operate almost in very village where tourism is there. We do offer different tour packages which local villages are involved in earning income from tourism side.

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