Lao Loum

           Lao Loum means literally translated "lowland Lao" and encompasses inhabitants of the river valleys and lowlands of Lao PDR, thereby representing around seventy percent of Lao population. They speak the official Lao language. Traditionally their income has been generated by wet-rice cultivation. Furthermore, the areas they are living in do affect housing construction. Lao Loum villages are characterized by wooden posts on which houses are raised to prevent the yearly floodings to destroy people's homes. Furthermore this technique helps to cool houses as well as they offer space to keep livestock under the houses.
          Lao Loum mostly are Theravada Buddhists, shown by several Wat throughout the country. In Oudomxay town there are two Wat. In Muang La, there is located the Sing Kham Temple, a pilgrimage destination for people of whole Southeast Asia. However, traditional beliefs are a key cornerstone for Lao Loum's daily lifes, too.

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