Lao New year

In addition there is an old saying that before Buddhism, there was the son of a rich peasant called Thammabane (Thammaphala) he was very clever boy and understood the animals and birds languages, at the beginning he taught Thamma and knowledge to people at the time all the people respected him. Phayakabinlaphom the god of the sky at the wisest when he heard that  Thammabane is powerful boy he wanted to make a competition about the knowledge, he came down to the world and set up 3 questions for Thammabane to answer the bid word if Thammabane could reply  Kabinlaphom head will be cut by Thammabane, the three questions are, the first question where is the tint (bright and lustrous) of the body in the morning ?, the second question  where is the tint (bright and lustrous) of the body in the afternoon ?, the third question where is the tint (bright and lustrous) of the body in the evening ?. Thammabane could not reply immediately but he proposed to the postpone, the date for answer within seven days. He thought and thought but nothing could come out, then three days passed. He went out for a long distance, he was very tired and slept under a big tree on its branches the big eagles talked in the bird language and female asked ( what kind of food will be for me tomorrow?, the male replied oh ! My dear we are going to have Thammabane meat the female asked why? The male told her that Thammabane could be not answering Kabinlaphom questions and he would be killed, the female repeated the question as written above.

The answers are af follows:
The first answer is the tint of the body in the face so people clean the face in the morning. The second answer is the tint of body in the breast so people take a bath in the day time. The third answer is the tint of body on the feet so people wash the feet before go to bed. Thammabane earful heard about three questions perfectly.  Due to the bid Kabinlaphom had to advice his seven daughters to keep his head because if his head fallen down the land, the land will be fired. If throwing his head into the air, the drought will become there would be no rains and if throwing to the ocean, the ocean will become dry. So his daughter took golden plate to keep their father head placed it in the cave of (Kantoumaly) every year the girls made each turn to water their father head and place it back in Kaosoumeloutat (soumeloutat mountain ).

The Seven Daughters were named Nang Sangkane (Miss Lao New Year)
The first daughter is called Thoungsathavee, dressing in very luxury clothing she likes to eat Makdeua fruit she brings the wheel in her right hand and Hoysang (shell) in her left hand and sitting on the back of eagle. The second daughter is called Kolakha, dress beautifully she prefers sesame for food, she takes the sword in her right hand a long walking stick in her left hand and sitting on the tiger back. The third daughter is called Harksa, dressing with mola and lotus, she prefers blood bring the three pointed sword in her right hand and her left hand is arrow her symbol sits on the big pig back. The fourth is called Mountha, dressing in Keophitoune sapphire and dok –champa flowers, she likes milk her symbol is sitting on the donkey back, and she takes the needle in right hand and left hand with stick. The fifth is called Kirinee clothing in morakot and dokchampa beans and sesame are favorite food. She takes the reifies in right hand and left hand with gun, her special symbol is to sit on elephant back. The sixth is called Kinitha, dress beautiful decorated with white sapphire, prefer having  banana her symbol is to bring the sword in her right hand bring mandolin in her left hand. She sits on the buffalo back. The seventh is called Manothone her clothing decorated sapphire, she likes man meat she takes the wheel in her right hand and three points sword in left hand her special sitting place is peacock.

Initiatively Watering
Starting the first day of the Lao New Year houses and villages properly cleaned in addition, perfume water flowers are prepared in the afternoon, villages gather in the pagodas to make the Buddhist ceremonies praying, listening to the precepts by the head of the monks. Then the Buddha images are placing in the watering house. They are kept in opening space for three days. Beside the Buddha images, people watered the monks, novices, pagoda house tree and others with in the pagoda. Then for respected the young  watered to the old, the monks for best wishes of long lives and prosperity following friends watered friends, they didn’t only water themselves but the houses worshipped things , animals and production tools are also washed by perfume  water. Initiatively water festival is from the daughters of Kabinlaphom to wash, their father‘s head, in every Pi Mai Lao.
Lao New Year festival begins in mid April and lasts for three days. Held before the onset of the rainy season, it is also a purification festival during which Buddha images in the household and the temple are ritually cleaned with sacred water. 
The water from the cleaning ceremonies is then poured or splashed by people on  to each other to cleanse them of bad luck and to bring them luck for the coming year.

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