The national currency is the Lao Kip (LAK).
Denominations range from 500 Kip bills to 100,000 Kip bills. These can be confusing for first-time visitors, so take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the currency. There are no coins.
US Dollars are accepted in some places around Luang Prabang, but it’s a good idea to have kip on hand while you’re here.
Most currencies can be changed at the local Banks and at the airport; the BCEL bank on the main street is open on the weekend for the sole purpose of changing money. You will need to produce your passport to change money.
Money may also be withdrawn using Visa and Mastercard and on many common ATM networks. ATMs are available throughout Oudomxay.
While most hotels and some restaurants accept credit cards, you should expect to pay for most things in cash.

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