Phachaosingkham Buddha Temple
Phachaosingkham Temple is in Meuang La Disrtrict, around 28 Km from Xay town on the direction to Phongsaly. It’s recognized as a sacred and famous temple in Oudomxay or we can say even in Laos. The temple was built more than 2,000 years ago. It used to be a very small temple in the past. People from different places go there almost everyday just for their own purposes. According to people - the most sacred temple. If you want to find out more about the temple we would suggest you to visit it just to see the real situation there. A place where you should not miss. You will get what you ask for.

Suntiparb Temple (Ban Jeng temple)
Oudomxay's foremost monastery is Ban Jeng Temple, which is very old but very attractive set on a riverside "Nam Kor". The most notable feature here is an imaginative concrete "the Tree of life" Tinkling in the breeze, its metal leaves hide a menagerie of naively crafted animal and bird statues that illustrate a local Buddha myth.
The Tree of Life, also known as Manycot Tree, grows in the mythical forest of Hinmapan. The legend of this tree is the following: The tree had lived enormously long (already 4.479 year old). It was a special tree because its fruit was very big (about 260cm in diameter). However, non of the animals could eat the fruit. Finally when the fruit fell down, it was so heavy that it caused an earthquake. It caused so much damage that the Naga, the people and all leaving beings were very afraid. So they consulted about a possible solution…  the full story can be read in the DiY-flyer

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