Yang ethnic minorities

        Originally, the Yang people moved from The South of China and then to Xern La and Lai Jao, Vietnam. After many years some of the Yang people decided to move from Vietnam to Laos, especially in Oudomxay Province. The Yang tribe is now in 3 districts such as, Meuang Namor, Meuang Beng and Meuang La.

1.      Meuang Namor: No. of village
Population: 875 – Female: 438
2.      Meuang Beng: No. of village: 2
 Population: 805Female: 406
3.      Meuang La:  No. of village: 2
Population: 4 – Female: 4
        The total population in the whole province is 1, 864 – Female: 848 = 0,579%. (Based on the statistic in 2011)

Name: They call themselves “Yang” and other tribal people also call them “Yang”. Yang is their favorite name and it means “stop”.
Language: The Yang tribe has their own language and it’s identified in the group of Lao – Tai language. The speaking and accent is similar to Thai Lue ethnic group. But the Yang has no writing pattern.
          Belief, tradition and culture: The Yang in Oudomxay Province respects and believes in their own ancestors and other sacred supernatural things, such as spirits (Ghost) of the father, spirits (Ghost) of the mother, spirits (Ghost) of the village and others. When someone wants to build a house, the house construction area is selected at the same time of the assessment ceremony. There are different festivals and ceremonies. For instance, rice planting season ceremony and Yang New year celebration. The Yang New year is held at the same time as Akha, Hor and Tai Dam tribe.   
House: The house of the Yang’s style is as the same as the house of the Lao and Thai Lue tribe, but the differences are the decoration and design inside in the house. Each house has an altar. People are not allowed to enter the bedroom at all. When somebody entered someone’s bedroom he or she will be fined like 1 pig, 1 liter of Lao whisky (Lao Lao), 1 jar alcohol, 1 chicken and others.
            The cloth of the Yang tribe is different from other tribal clothes. They look nice and beautiful. There are 2 methods of getting married: 1) the life partner is chosen by the parents – the son and daughter has to marry with the one they have chosen. 2) The boy and the girl love each other and decide to get married – They have to ask permission from the parents of both side. The marriage of the Yang tribe consists of many steps. They believe in one statement like “One husband and one wife” this is what they have to be honest to each other. In case a couple wants to divorce or separate, both sides have to see the real situation why? Who’s fault? When the husband wants to separate he has to pay 5 coins (Money) to his wife and if his wife wants to separate she has to pay like 12 coins (Money) to the husband.  

Death: When someone dies, a funeral is always held step by step. The dead person is always buried

Literature: They have their own musical instruments, singing, dancing, flute, and many more. The Yang tribe truly respects their ancestors. There are fortune teller, shaman, traditional physician in the village and these people are the ones who they trust the most.
Economy: They focus more on rice, corn, sweet potato, maize cultivation and others. Animal rising is also one the cash income generating activities. Most women do their textile weaving for their daily activity. These things help them to make money for the family.

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