What to do


to Meuang Xay town (also known as Oudomxay) the capital of the multi-ethnic Province of Oudomxay situated in the Nam Kor basin and surrounded by scenic mountains.
The town is formed by small villages at an important point of intersection in Northern Laos. The proximity to China, Vietnam and the multiethnic influence make the dynamic center of Meuang Xay unique from other towns in the region.
However, every corner of the town is full of unique Lao life style and there are many interesting things for you to discover.

Reasons to stay longer in Meuang Xay town

Things to do
Enjoy the sunset at Phuu Thad Stupa, a place where you can see the whole view of Xay town.
  • Visit the handicraft shop and see how the products are made
  • Make a town tour and see the “sacred” life and the multi ethnic markets.
  • Discover the Nam Kat Waterfall with many tourism Activities.
  • Visit the Waterfall ‘Lak 11’ on the road to Luangprabang.
  • Take a one-day walk around Meuang  Xay town and enjoy the wonderful panorama over the Nam Kor basin.
  • Experience the warm hospitality of people in the region and unknown spots by guided bike tours.
  • Enjoy the different restaurants and accommodations.
  • Spoil yourself with a sauna and massage (Lao Red Cross).
  • Take a trip to Meuang La town and experience life along the river.
  • Discover the amazing Chom Ong Cave as well as visiting several Khumu minority villages on the way to the cave.
  • Take a trip to Pakbeng where can you take boat trip to Luang Prabang and Houy xay with speed boat and slow boat trip.
  • Discover the amazing Talea water fall and Nam Heang waterfall in Houn District. 
Do it yourself Activities

             Oudomxay town offers a variety of activities that you can do on your own. Please follow the suggestions we give and you will be surprised of many details.
Most of the activities we suggest can be done on foot. Only for a few you will have to take a tuk-tuk to reach the suggested place
Phu That Stupa
             Phuthat Stupa (full name Xaym- oungkhoun Latanamingmeuang Stupa) is the most prominent Vat Phuthat in Oudo- m xay, located on the top of the hill in the center of Meuang Xay town. The stupa was built for all Buddhist followers to celebrate religious festivals and other ceremonies. It is presumed that the stupa was originally built by Thai Leu tribe during the 14th century when the former King Phachao Xaysetha Thirath was still on his throne. Every full moon day the religious celebration is held at the stupa. The stupa’s height is 18 meters from the bottom to the top. The dimension of the stupa is 18 m x 18 m. It’s recognized as the symbol  of  Oudomxay Province. Visiting the stupa means you reach Oudomxay.
Sauna and Massage
            Traditionally the steam bath is used to alleviate pain. The steam bath personal is experienced in using traditional herbs which are good for your health. The sauna uses many different herbs in the steam bath and serves herbal tea. All herbs are grown and collected locally. Unlike in Western saunas we do not shower between and after the steam. This gives the herbs a chance to soak into your skin. 
Oudomxay museum
               Oudomxay Museum is located on top of Phou Sebey in Ban Cheang of Oudomxay town. The name of the mountain comes from the French army camp that was situated there. The French army called the mountain “C.B.” - the French pronunciation of this abbreviation further on transferred into today’s Lao name “Sebey”.
Unless in the Museum there are just few items to look at, the view you have from the top of "Phou Sebey" mountain is very nice. Go there early in the morning, when the sun is still low - you may watch the town centre waking up and enjoy the morning light as it starts caressing the roofs before the day gets too hot. 
Vat Ban Cheng Temple
            Oudomxay's foremost monastery is Ban jeng Temple, wich is modest but very attractive set on a riverside knoll. The most notable feature here is an imaginative concrete "Tree of life" Tinkling in the breeze, its metal leaves hide a menagerie of naively crafted animal and bird statues that illustrate a local Buddha myth.
Waterfall at km 11 

            This waterfall "lak sibed" is near the road (50m) to Luang Prabang 11 km from Muang Xay town situated in a provincial protected area. It is a popular excursion and picnic place for Lao people on weekends and holidays. You can visit the waterfall by using the local transportation service (Tuk-Tuk) or rent a bike to go there.
Handicraft productivity marketing center
             The Productivity Marketing Center (PMC) of Oudomxay, supported by UNIDO is a center for promoting local village entrepreneurship and value-added goods. These goods can be seen and purchased in the center. The range of goods comprises specialties such as sesame oils, essential oils from Houn and La district of Oudomxay Province, Posa- Bamboo- & Banana paper products, Embroidery from Kheuapiad and cotton, and broom grass products.


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