Meuang La

 Meuang La
Meung La Overview
Total area: 1,753 square kilometers.
Villages: 44
Population: 17,500; women: 8,766
Families: 3,089
Ethnic Group: Lao, Khamu, Akha, Leu
Language in use: Lao, English, Chinese and Other
Access by land: No Bus Station ( Bus from Meung Khau, Phongsala to Meung xay )
           The simply Meuang La district, Located on north west only 28 km from Meuang Xay town on the way to Phongsala, is a small idyllic district town situated by the Nam Phaak river. A favored location of Joe Cummins, author of Lonely planet, including cultural, ethnic, and natural sites.
 Among them are the famous Khummu Temple, Vat Prachao Singkham, hot spring, traditional salt production activities from nearby salt mine throughout the area, and typical Thai Lue architecture. Meuang La can also serve as the starting point for impressive excursions to remote ethnic and cultural villages nestled among rice fields, forests and mountains. On the way to Meuang La, you will have the opportunity to stop for an agreeable 2-hour walk to Singkham Buddha Cave and to visit the Khamu village Samakhisay.

Where to stay in Meuang La District
No of Room
Contact Number
Berychit Guesthouse
Done Village,La District, Oudomxay
020 55332712
Houmpheng Guesthouse
Done Village,La District, Oudomxay
020 54280089
Lakham Hotel
Done village, La Distirct, Oudomxay
Meung La Resort
Done village, La Distirct, Oudomxay
021 243 446

Where to eat in La District
Contact Number
Berychit Restaurant
Done Village,La District, Oudomxay
020 55332712
Khuavanging Restaurant
Done Village,La District, Oudomxay

 What to do in La District
- Walk around the town to see and discover the local life.
- Walk to the sacred Phachaosingkham Buddha temple.
- Visit the hot spring and soke your foot there to relax.
- Take a short walk to Ban Vangvan and Ban Bouamsom ( khumu minority village )  to explore the real life of Khamu people only 1 km away from M. La town.
- Take a walk, drive and ride (Car & motorcycle) to Ban Phavie or Ban Tanongpor village where you can do your homestay - Khamu style and experience the real nature.

How to get to Muang La 
In Muang La at the moment there have no Bus Station there. Muang la is on the way to Muang Khua (Phongsaly) and Dienbienphu (veitnam). So you can go Muang La by bus to Muang Khua and Dienbienphu.
Bus to Muang Khua there have 3 Bus per day start at : 8:30 ; 11:30 : 15:30
Bus to Dienbienphu at the moment there have only 1 bus at 8:30
Vat Phachaosingkham Temple
New Vat Phachao singkham temple

     Phachaosingkham Temple is in Meuang La Disrtict, around 28 Km from Xay town on the direction to Phongsaly. It’s a sacred and famous temple in Oudomxay or we can say even in Laos. The temple was built more than 2,000 years ago.
Old vat phachao singkham temple
       It used to be a very small temple in the past. People from different places go there almost everyday just for their own purposes. According to people - the most sacred temple. If you want to find out more about the temple we would suggest you to visit it just to see the real situation there. A place where you should not miss. You will get what you ask for.

Akha ethnic group in Ban Aa No Villge

Akha is one famous minority in Oudomxay.This Akha tribe moved originally from China to Vietnam and finally to Laos in 1882 (129 years ago)
Aa No is the name of the leader who led his people (40 families) to Laos and the village was named Aa No after he passed away. The village’s population continued to increase, including through migration of Akha people from other places. Aa No Village is situated in the Northeast of La District (Meuang La), about 32.5 km from Meuang La. Access to the village is possible all year round, but it’s quite hard during the raining season. There, you can experience more about their traditional culture, daily lifestyle, and many more things in the village.
 It’s extremely a very interesting place for people to discover such tribe, especially during the Akha New Year celebration on February of every year.

The paradise mountain (Buddha footprint) in Ban Long Ya Village.  
This paradise mountain is located in Ban Longya Village about 25 Km from Xay town on the same direction to Tadnamket waterfall. It’s one of the oldest Thai Dam villages in Oudomxay Province. The paradise mountain is approximately 200 meters away from the village.
 The key point of this area is because of the three sacred Buddha footprints which discovered by a local man for many years ago. People in the area always believe that such footprints are sacred. In 2004, the village decided to develop the area as a religious place for worship and afterward many different Buddha statues and animals were built around the area. It’s now extremely famous for all Buddhist believers in the province as well as other people from different places.
 The increasing number of people going there is getting higher and higher. It’s quite difficult to reach there in the raining season because the road is in a bad condition. Dried season is the best time to visit

 Meuang La Resort 
          This charming resort locates 28 Km from Meuang Xay Town (In the heart of Northern Laos), between China and Vietnam, situated on the edge of a small traditional village with around 100 inhabitants. Surrounded by rain-forest, on the banks of a river and, the lodge is the ideal base to explore the many treasures of the region including the rich diversity of ethnic groups living between rice-fields and mountains. You can also get to Meuang La Resort By Bus or TukTuk 40 mn from Meuang Xay town.
Hot Spring
Children take a bath in hot spring
      Meuang La Hot Spring (Hot water source) is just behind the Meuang La Resort. The people there use this hot spring water for taking a bath in winter instead of buying  or using water heater as one way to reduce expenses. The temperature in the hot water is approximately 40 – 50 degrees.

Ban Phavie Village
Ban Phavie is located about 12 Km from Meuang La town. A small Khamu village which consists of 36 families. The area is famous for trekking and The main peoples' economic activity is farming.

 They raise their income by planting rice and corn and Bean as well as collecting natural resources for selling. Ban Phavie was selected to be an eco tourism destination. The objective was to provide additional income and development to the village from services provided to Tourists. These services are accommodation, food and local guiding plus handicraft products.

Ban Tanongpor  Village   
Ban Tanongpor is another attractive Khamu village, located  in Meuang La district ( 17 Km from Xay town and 11 Km from Meuang La) and consists of 27 families. Farming is the main income source for all Tanongpor residents.
            Ban Tanongpor is also an eco tourism destination and famous for Khummu trekking style and village life experience.  Tourists can also join family’s activities in the evening time like chicken and pig feeding, rice cooking, rice milling and other possible stuff.

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