Oudomxay Provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department
(Oudomxay Tourist Information Center)
         Our mission is to provide circuit tourism information in Oudomxay and some existing tour programs. We're sure that you will discover something that you have never experienced  before which will creates unforgettable memories and smiles.
     We offer you information about
accommodation,  public transportation schedules, tour packages and guides that all services will be performed to your satisfaction.
A message from

The Oudomxay Provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department

Sabaidee and Welcome to Oudomxay, Lao P.D.R

         On Behalf Of Oudomxay Provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, we would like to extend a warm welcome and hope that you will enjoy your visit to our appealing province - The Heart of Northern Laos, which is famous for its outstanding Ethnic Villages, Cultural, Historical and Natural destinations.

         Respectful is an important part of life for all Lao people. Therefore, we would ask you respectfully observe Lao customs when visiting Buddhist temples or participating in any local religious ceremonies or rituals and whatever you do. You can find and enjoy great tourist activities, good hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and other things related.  Whatever you choose to do in Oudomxay, we are sure that the Heart of Northern Laos “Oudomxay Province” and surrounding countryside will leave a lasting impression and you would like to come back again.

            This website helps you to find out more about key tourist destinations, maps, hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants in Oudomxay Province. Moreover, important numbers are also put in this website which you can contact them directly when having problems.  We do hope that you will enjoy and have a lot of fun while visiting Oudomxay Province – The Heart of Northern Laos.

Useful contacts

Tourist Police                        Tel: 030 9298733
Airport                                   Tel: 081 212795
Oudomxay Hospital              Tel: 081 212505
Post office                             Tel: 081 211046
Bus station                             Tel: 081 212 217, 081 212 218
Sunti Travel Company          Tel: 020 55521579
Salika Travel Company         Tel: 020 55422529
Facet Travel company           Tel: 081 212 159, 081 219 666
Meuang La Resort                 Tel:  +856 21 243 446, Fax: +856 21 252 660

Embassies in Lao PDR
 Country code:                       +856

Australia:                                (021) 413-602

Cambodia:                              (021) 314-952

China:                                     (021) 314-952

Cuba:                                      (021) 314-902

Brunei:                                    (021) 352-294, (021) 352-295

Belgium:                                  (021) 214-150

France:                                 (021) 215-257-9

Germany:                                (021) 215-235

India:                                       (021) 352-302

Indonesia:                               (021) 413-909

Japan:                                      (021) 414-400

Korea PDR:                            (021) 315-261

Korea republic:                       (021) 352-261

Malaysia:                                 (021) 414-205

Monggolia:                              (021) 315-220

Myanmar:                                (021) 314-910

Philippines:                              (021) 452-490
Poland:                                     (021) 212-82
Russia:                                     (021) 312-218
Thailand:                                 (021) 214-582
Singapore:                                (021) 539-39
Sweden:                                   (021) 251-359
USA:                                        (021) 212-582
UK:                                          (021) 413-606
Vietnam:                                 (021) 413-409
Oudomxay Tourist Information Center
13th North Road
Vanghai village, Xay District
Oudomxay, Laos PDR
Contact information:
Phone: 081-212-483
Mobile/WhatsApp: 020 99451679, 020 22883256
Fax: 081-312-603
Facebook: Oudomxay Tourism 

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

8:00- 12:00 and 14:00- 16:30



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