Handicraft villages

Oudomxay we are a famous Handicraft production from villager handmade. These goods can be seen and purchased in the center. The range of goods comprises specialties such as sesame oils, essential oils from Beng, Houn and La district of Oudomxay Province, Posa- Bamboo- & Banana paper products, Embroidery from Kheuapiad and cotton, and broom grass products. We provide you some villages you can visit by yourself by Motorcycling or tuktuk.

Nyor village 
Ban Nyor is situated in Meuang Beng, 53 km from Meuang Xay town on the road to Pakbeng in the economic corridor between Chinese in the North Vietnam in the East and Thailand in the West. This unique location provides many economic as well as touristic opportunities. In Ban Nyor you will also see and learn on hand-made pottery production system, cotton processing, textile weaving and natural cotton dying. These are their cash income generating activities. Moreover, their traditional food, Thai Lue homestay, traditional show and Baci ceremony are the most enjoyable things that you can share together with them (at least once in a life time)

Pakgor Village 
Pakgor village is located in la district, 30 km from Xay town on the road to Phongsaly. In Pakgor village you will also see and learn hand made Embroidery from kheuapaid and Broom grass product.

Naxaiythong Village
Naxaiythong village is situated in Xay district, 18 km from town on the road to Luang Prabang. In this village you can see and learn cotton processing, natural cotton dying and textile weaving.

HouyLa Village
HouyLa village is situated in Beng district, from xay town 67 km on the road to Pakbeng. In HouyLa village you can see Handicraft production from local people and you can also learn how to made Embroidery bags from Kheuapiad. there have teacher for teaching.

Kat Village
Kat village is situation in Xay town, 15 km from Xay town on the road to Footprint temple at longya village. kat village is one of Thai leu village in there you can see many activities such as Cotton processing, weaving lesson, Bee keeping and Traditional lao visky making. In this village they are farmer they do rice farming and Tabaco plantation.


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