Lao cuisine draws almost exclusively on fresh foods —few homes traditionally have refrigerators and modern supermarkets are rare.

So many locals shop for daily supplies at the local Market, There are to local market is Nongmeangda and Ban Thin market which a small tables from several blocks south. It opens at 6:00 AM, leave by 6:30 PM. There, you’ll find every possible type of food regionally available, including an amazing mushroom selection Lao. Everything fresh is seasonal, so you won’t see everything every day. Keep an eye out for the delicate local way of binding everything from meat to herbs with bamboo. 


There are three banks and one post office offering change for cash and travellers' cheques, BCEL , about 1 km north of the bus station change travellers cheques for 3% commission with a US$3 minmum. It might be worth checking Lao Development Bank.
BCEL provides three ATMs, accepting international cards (BCEL charges 20,000 kip, be aware of charges of your own bank). Two are located by the bank itself, and a third is located 500m away over the bridge. There's a maximum of 700,000 kip per transaction.

Luxay Market
Luxay market is the market building located opposite the Tourism Office. In this market you can find all sorts of products. Upstairs is the clothing and shoes section. Get your daily necessity stuff at the market. The market closes at 5 pm.

Chinese Market
Around Luxay Market chinese clothing- food- and houseware shops can be found. In contrast to the Lao shops, most of the chinese market shops are open until late at night.

Food Markets
Go for a stroll there and be stunned by the great range of perceptions you will get: Rare animals are offered to eat, unknown smells fill the air and you will get to know the real everyday life of people of the province.
Oudomxay has three fresh food markets: Tin market, Nonmengda Market and Phoukhaiw Market. All these markets are an excellent place to discover the variety of unique foods that Oudomxay has to offer. Oudomxay has many food items and forest products that are either not available or in scarce supply in other parts of the country. The markets are open every day, however they are particularly colourful on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. At all the markets you will find products of different ethnic groups. The markets close at 6pm

Night market
The opening ceremony of the Oudomxay Night market is held on 29 October 2016, by the Kaisone Phomvihan Monument in the center of Meuang xay town. Food, drinks, handicraft products, clothes and other things are available at the night market. The night market starts at 4: 30 P.M to 23: 30 P.M. 

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