Cave tour

      There are a lot of caves in Oudomxay Province such as, Chom Ong Cave in Meuang Xay, Khamtan Buddha cave in Pakbeng district, Kunvang Cave in Beng District, Luang cave in Muang La and other caves around. Some of them were explored and some not yet. One of the most interesting and beautiful cave is Chom Ong. This is a nice cave that you shouldn't miss when you come to Oudomxay. Chom Ong cave is one Of the longest cave in Laos. Its length is more than 16 Km.  A recently rediscovered natural attraction located about 45 km from Xay town.  The increasing number of tourist visiting the cave is getting higher and higher each year. We offer  two different Chom Ong cave tours - The first one is the 1 day Chom Ong Cave tour  and the second one is the 2 day 1 night Chom Ong Cave tour. For more information just contact the  Oudomxay Tourist Information Center.
Chom Ong Cave
     Chom Ong cave system is a recently rediscovered natural attraction located 45 Km from Meuang Xay town near the Khumu village – Ban Chom Ong. It’s recognized as one of the largest caves in Southeast Asia.
The cave system stretches along 4 km long mountain ridge and has a parallel running and interconnecting fossil and river passage. It’s explored to a length of 16 Km (preliminary) with several wide open side passages remaining. The exploration was done by the Lao – European Cave project. 
How to get there: You can also book the said tour at the Tourist Information Center or if you want to do it on your own a car or motorbike can be rented in Xay town. 
How to get there
There are two ways to go to the cave “the South and the North direction” The South starts from Ban Nasao village (on the direction to Luangprabang) around 48 Km and the North direction is on the way to Luang Namtha Province. When arrive at the Km 24 – Ban Nambortakai – Just take the road on the left hand side which is just after the village “18 Km from the main road to the cave”. The whole distance of the North direction is 42 Km and the South is 48 Km.

Luang Cave 
Luang cave is located in Tanongpor Village, La District. It's also a beautiful cave which is covered by beautiful nature with different species and plants. The dimension of the cave is not yet explored and measured.
Tanongpor is another attractive Khmu village, consists of 27 families living together. Farming is the main income source for all Tanongpor residents.
            Tanongpor is also an eco-tourism destination and famous for trekking and Khmu culture.  Tourists can also join family’s activities in the evening time like animal feeding, rice cooking, rice milling and other possible stuff.
How to get there
Start from Xay town to Phonxay Village "16 km" on the road No. 2E before Meuang La. Stop at the Km 16 by following the off road on the left hand side with 2 km to reach Tanongpo Village. Then from the village to the cave is about 4 Km, so you can get a village guide there.


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