Talea waterfall
Talae  is an amazing waterfall, located in Ban Talae from Meung Houn town about 42 km. The waterfall is in the district protected area. When you reach the waterfall you will also get fresh atmosphere under the pristine forest. The length of the waterfall is about 600 meters and consists of 7 different beautiful waterfall levels. The best time to visit this waterfall is during June to February of every year.  A famous picnic place for the local people there.
Nam Kat waterfall
Namkat waterfall is located in Ban Faen Village, Xay District, Oudomxay Province, 23 Kilometers away from Xay town. Namkat waterfall is also one the most attractive tourist attractions in Oudomxay. There are lots of big trees “Untouched pristine forest” and different species and plants as well as big stones or boulders around and you can enjoy different activities. For instance, Zip-line, Rock climbing, Trekking, biking, cable bridge over big trees, Elephant riding,  swimming, tree house and others.  It’s a place where you shouldn't miss when you are in Oudomxay.
Namhaeng Waterfall
Nam Haeng is an extremely beautiful waterfall in Ban Katangya Village, Meuang Houn District. (24 Km from Meung Houn to the waterfall). There, lots of natural plants and species can be found and seen. Every where is green and you can also swim in the pure water there. It’s a famous picnic place for Meuang Houn residents, especially on weekends. It’s said that people love to refresh themselves on weekends after 5 days working. 
11 km waterfall
This waterfall "lak sibed" is near the road (50m) to Luang Prabang 11 km from Muang Xay town situated in a provincial protected area. It is a popular excursion and picnic place for Lao people on weekends and holidays. You can visit the waterfall by using the local transportation service (Tuk-Tuk) or rent a bike to go there.


  1. We tried to go to Nam Kat waterfall, following the recommendations of this website. When we arrived there, we found that the whole area is controlled by a private resort company or travel agency that ask us to pay 20€ each to visit the waterfall (without tourist guide). You should advice people of this kind of things. We rented a motorbike to reach the place but we couldn't see the waterfall (we didn't wanted to pay that amount of money).
    It is a pity that a beautiful and natural place like that is only for rich people.

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